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We Believe inMaking Memories

Creating bespoke media and marketing across multiple channels, via 5 key services, to deliver incredible response that generates increased revenue and profit.

Leven Media Group unites a collection of exciting businesses that go the extra mile for their customers. Through a unique collaborative approach, all our businesses benefit from an economy of scale, which allows them to offer more cost effective services to their clients.

Extremely responsive media brands - in print, online and digital - reaching over 3 million people that love Cornwall.

Experienced publishing services for businesses seeking quality, value and a profitable return on their investment.

Inspirational and creative design, video, social media, digital media, PR, marketing and overall media services.

Effective distribution of magazines, leaflets, fliers and other literature with a proven track record of delivery.

Delivering fast-growth experience to support, advise and ensure success for ambitious people - helping them to achieve their goals.

Our Clients