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Your marketing strategy and plan is key in the coming months

It is important to pause and consider your marketing strategy and plans for the foreseeable future. Although this may not seem like your first priority - if neglected now - it could take you months to recover your current market standing.

Plan your marketing for the coming weeks

For many, it may be time to put a pause on your 2020 marketing strategy, and instead, focus on how you can continue to connect with your customers.

  • What content can you produce which to keep them engaged?

  • How can you make the most of the type of demand you may be experiencing?

  • What can you do to prepare your business for the future?

Below, we've pulled together a few easy tips we hope will help you gain traction and gather momentum over the coming weeks.

Take photos and create videos

This time of year can be one of the most beautiful; perfect for taking photos. With emptier public spaces and fewer cars, now is the perfect time to get that peaceful imagery you can use for years to come. 

Create Scrollable, Shareable Content

Local webcams, behind-the-scenes pictures, interesting blogs and purposeful quizzes are great pieces of content marketing to draw people to your site. Just be aware of the fine line between creating something fun and making light of the situation.

Reply to online reviews

Catch up on replying to online reviews and social media comments. It doesn’t take long to thank someone for their nice comment but it can leave a lasting impression for them. Similarly, even negative reviews can be mitigated with a helpful and understanding response.

Optimise and be creative with your Website

Take the time to make what you have even better...

  • Analyse data for people coming to your site and make sure their questions are answered

  • Make sure all metatags and descriptions are written

  • Continue with content marketing so your rankings don't begin to slip

  • Improve your landing pages to boost conversion rates

  • Spruce up your website in general - check every link works and takes you where you’d expect, add in up-to-date content and imagery

Learn more about marketing

Now is the perfect time to educate yourself on different aspects of marketing. By understanding, you can make a more educated decision on what will be successful and won’t be effective, both now and in the future when things have returned to normal.

Don’t just give up!

Although marketing may seem like an expensive and time-consuming task right now, it is crucial that you don’t stop doing it. This period of time will come to a conclusion, and when it does, you want your business to be the first on people’s minds.

Ultimately, it is crucial to remember - by not moving forwards, you’re actually moving backwards, as your competitors adapt and perfect their marketing strategies.

Stay Safe

And of course, above everything else on this list, the most important tip we can give to you is to keep yourself, your staff and your customers as safe as possible.

We wish you all the best!


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