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Leven Media Group unites a collection of exciting businesses striving to achieve success through a unique collaborative approach that delivers our partner businesses the benefit of economy of scale and faster growth.


We are always on the lookout for additional businesses to join our group and discover the benefits of joint venture collaboration with a team of like-minded, experienced professionals happy to share knowledge and resources. 

Growth &


Flexibility &



Today’s business are increasingly collaborating joint ventures – pooling their resources and expertise to develop new products, expand into different markets or increase their operational capabilities, and we'd love to help your businesses grow faster and gain access to markets or expertise beyond your existing capability.

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With the Right Resources, Great Things Can Happen

Through the unique Leven Media Group approach, businesses achieve much more than they could on their own. Whether you're looking to diversify, reduce risk, combine expertise, save money, enter a new market or gain access to increased or additional resources, Leven Media Group has developed the mechanism to help you achieve your goals.


Better Collaboration

Increased Innovation

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What We Offer

Whether you're looking to expand, develop new products or markets or grow returns from existing ones, tap into Leven Media Group's specialised expertise or resources – financial, operational, sales & marketing or design related – and share the costs associated with developing or starting your own successful business.

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Access to Resources

We believe that great ideas shouldn't fail due to a lack of resource. It might be that you're missing the required knowledge, human capital, technology or access to a specific market to be successful in pursuing a business activity. Collaborating with Leven Media Group will give you access to resources, which can be shared without having to invest large amounts of capital to obtain them.

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Increased Funding 

Success cannot happen without raising capital, it is an essential part of any entrepreneurial journey. Many companies will often not have the required capital for significant investment in resources to make growth projects happen. By partnering with Leven Media Group, you receive access to more financial resources to help you achieve your goals and expand at a faster rate.

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Shared Risk & Reward

Entering into a new market and creating a new product or service can be risky. Working with Leven Media Group means you won't be facing the risk alone. Each part will contribute a portion of the resources required for the project, reducing some of the financial burden placed on each side. Sharing a common pool of resources means costs of the overall project can be reduced.

New Market Penetration

It is common practice for a company to partner with a ‘local player’ in the new market it is looking to enter. This allows the relevant logistics to be taken care of by the local player, who will be an expert in navigating. Partnering with Leven Media Group can significantly reduce barriers to entry and is especially attractive if you're wishing to enter markets with significant cultural barriers.

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